Fundraising Frequently Asked Questions

What days can I host an event on?

  • Tuesday through Saturday, we do not host on Sunday or Monday. If the store is booked for the day you requested we would contact you about a date change.
  • How often can we fundraise?

  • We allow each organization to fundraise 2 times per year.
  • Does anyone need to be present from the organization?

  • No, your job is to get your supporters there and to get the word out. We do all the work and clean up after that.
  • How do we get the check?

  • After the event is held the check will be mailed to the address you provided on the on line application and you will receive it within 2 weeks.
  • Can we host at different locations?

  • We suggest you choose the best location for your organization. Keep in mind we do only allow each organization to host 2 times per year and if you choose Binghamton, or Utica you can benefit from Hoopla and Moe’s in the same night.
  • What types of fundraising do you offer?

  • We host an event all day at the location you choose and you are able to receive 20% back to your organization. We also offer a 10$ gift card fundraiser were you purchase (minimal of 10) for $7.50 and can sell for $10 or presell and come into the store to purchase the amount you sold (please fill out on line application for both types of fundraising).
  • Are we allowed to hand out flyers at the restaurant?

  • No. We do not allow any onsite promotion. The most effective way to promote is to start two weeks ahead of time and use Facebook, email, twitter, schools, and word of mouth.
  • Where do we get the promotional flyers?

  • We will provide you with images that you can make the hand-out from, or use the images to promote on Facebook, email, etc. People can also just show the flyer on their cell phones.