Hoopla Froyo Thanks You!

Thank you for choosing Hoopla for your fundraising needs.

To help promote your fundraiser:

  • Distribute your flyers ASAP.
  • Possibly have your school place on their website as well.
  • Social Media spreads fast! Utilize Facebook and Twitter.
  • Snapchat and Instagram are quick ways to share images
  • Advertise at other fundraisers or events your organization may have planned prior to your date at Hoopla.
  • Post on school news and parent letters. Get the kids excited, its frozen yogurt for goodness sakes! Create a challenge or a goal.
  • Take pictures at your event and we will post them on the Facebook page. You can email the pictures to photos@hooplafroyo.com.
  • Don’t forget we also have gift cards you can sell at face value but purchase from us at a discount. We cater and celebrate your birthday also. Visit our website for more details at http://www.hooplafroyo.com. Lastly be sure to like us on Facebook! There is no need to have anyone from organization present at time of event, nor are we able to schedule Fundraisers on Sundays or Mondays at this time.

    For more information about your fundraiser, please contact your local store.